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MH: kojima Rui by pastelkake MH: kojima Rui by pastelkake

MH: kojima Ruiby pastelkake

Manga & Anime / Digital Media / Drawings©2014 pastelkake
revamped the rui because he was out of season.. literally / slapped
did it today when i was taking a break from studying so it's rushed cries
i wonder who he's blushing about in the headshot coughs loudly

his grades have improved thanks to banri tehe

i hate anatomy btw : ( 

the info is a little different, i've added and changed bits. c:

Name: Kojima, Rui
Age: 18 (altho i guess atm he's 17) 
Year: 3rd
Birthday: 3rd of September 
Height: 183 cm
Gender: potato Male
Home or boarding: boarding school 
Club: badminton (president)
He is somehow part of the student council but often doesn't go to the meetings and never really organises things. 


While he and Yuuta were roommates for the first month or so, a new side of Rui's personality that Yuuta hadn't seen before resulted in much confusion, and they are no longer roommates. Even though seeing a more angry side of Rui was new to Yuuta, Rui also saw a side of Yuuta that had been hidden from him for a long while-- his possessiveness. This made Rui slightly wary of Yuuta, and Yuuta was now afraid of Rui. While they have seemingly made up, their relationship isn't as close as it was, and while Rui would like it to be, he is afraid of hurting Yuuta again, and thus keeps his distance. Even though he has no longer got a roommate, he is always with Banri, and thus is never lonely. :3c

where there is :bulletpink:, i have added something new


Rui is a bit short tempered, but they're always only short out-bursts; however, this is usually because he's quite out spoken and if he sees something wrong, he'll face it head on. Despite being a little bit grumpy, he is actually very sensitive; he can tell when people are down and upset, and he'll try to cheer them up in his own weird, subtle way. He's blunt, so he'll only say things that he really feels, although if he knows it'll upset the person too much, he won't say anything at all.  He adores Yuuta and likes to spoil him, even though he'll hardly tell him how he feels and all that, since he hates talking about his own feelings towards others, thinking it makes him look less manly. Because of this, however, his smiles will always be sincere. He goes for a morning jog and an evening jog around the school's oval every day, and is very serious when it comes to badminton.  It's not just his brother who he'll protect, he'll protect anyone if he sees an unfair point of view. He has only ever been in a physical fight with someone once, when they were really bullying his brother for far too long. He got into trouble with the school, but his parents pretty much fangirled about it and called him a "hero". :bulletpink: He has almost been in another one protecting his friend. 
On his days off, he uses his time to play otomegames on his ps3 while eating tonnes of sweets, as well as reading... ecchi books, and exercising to maintain his weight. He hates studying, and doesn't really do it, although he still usually passes his tests, saying he just uses his own logic. :bulletpink: However now, he gets a lot of help from Banri, and his grades are improving. He is now aiming to go to university, whereas before he really didn't care where he ended up. He will help people if they're in need, but he'll try to act like he has no choice and say things like "It can't be helped/ shouganai,sa". At his job, he acts very helpful and sickly sweet, it's a huge difference from how he actually acts. He's forced to act like that by his manager. 

:bulletpink: He literally finds it hard to feel things; he has become used to his strategy of using logic as a way to almost escape true feelings, and so now has trouble when feeling things like jealousy, etc, since it doesn't happen much, although it is starting to now that he is making new relationships. He should be a housemaid, considering he is a good cook, nags Yuuta to study more, and when it comes to cleaning he has to clean everything down to the last detail. He can't control himself if he sees something out of place, or an odd sock, for example. It's almost like.. he finds joy in cleaning. That's how sad he is.

Rui is from the small city of Takayama, not too far from hida-furukawa itself. He grew up with his parents and his little brother, Yuuta. His parents were both from the city of Gifu, and were college sweethearts. As soon as they were engaged they decided to move to Takayama and open their own traditional hand made jewellery store. His mother and father studied different mediums of art, so they make the jewellery themselves. Not long after Rui was popped out. When his mum was pregnant with Yuuta, he was told that she'd eaten a balloon because her stomach was rather big, and he kinda... Freaked out. He was 2 tho, so. Rui's parents are always showing off their love, and are always cuddling and saying mushy things like "that's because I love you!". He's extremely embarrassed of his family and often calls them a family of idiots. 

:bulletpink: He began cooking for the family everyday when he was in his first year of middle school, upset with the fact that their mother really couldn't cook and when their dad did, he took hours and hours just to cook something simple like an omelet. Now whenever he's over there they depend on him to do all the chores.


damphyr Short tempered 
damphyr Blunt 
damphyr Loyal
damphyr Says what he thinks, unless he knows it'll really hurt someone
damphyr Actually a really good person to talk to about problems
damphyr Surprisingly caring, in his own way
damphyr Over protective
damphyr Never lies 
damphyr Easily embarrassed
damphyr Hates it when he's wrong/ loses, but he'll always admit to it... begrudgingly 
damphyr Somewhat lazy, despite loving to go for a jog and do sport
damphyr Sincere
damphyr Veeeery, very slightly tsundere 


♥ chocolate milk
♥ Sweets
♥ Soft buns 
♥ Anko pan
♥ ecchi 
♥ Yuuta
♥ Banri
♥ Fresh Air 
♥ Otome games Although he'll never, EVER tell anyone this., playing them with his brother
♥ Surprisingly, learning languages. He wants to continue English and French at university.
♥ Winter
♥ Cleaning things 


✘ People who lie
✘ People who brag about themselves
✘ People who insult others
✘ People who talk too much
✘ Just people inparticular
✘ People who hurt Yuuta
✘ Studying
✘ Being lied to
✘ Being outside/ seen with his parents
✘ Working
✘ Working at his parents shop (He had to from the beginning of middle school to his first year of high school)
✘ Heat
✘ Summer
✘ being in class
✘ Being asked questions 
✘ 'liking' someone 
✘ Speaking his feelings



damphyr In summer or when he's exercising for a long time and gets too hot, he ties his hair back into a mini ponytail. 
damphyr He's a closet fan of Shingeki no Kyojin and when watches it alone, it unlocks his inner fanboy. And sings the opening.
damphyr He was really tempted to join the tea ceremony club at first 
damphyr He wants to visit America. If someone is from america or been there, and he finds out, he will subtly ask questions, pretending he isn't interested, when he really is. 
damphyr He uses two bobby pins to clip back a part of his bangs because it's always really poofy. 


damphyr  Kojima Yuuta: His younger brother by 2 years, they are both extremely close. Rui plays the part of the big scary older brother and will protect Yuuta at all costs. At the moment their relationship is a little fragile, and Rui is starting to see more of Yuuta's yandere side. He still loves his brother, but is very confused and not sure how to feel.

damphyr Kishi Kayoko: He has known Kayoko since they were in kindergarten, and have both had many adventures. He stopped calling her "Kayo-chan" sometime in middle school, trying to force himself to grow up. He would always beat up/ yell at the bullies in primary school etc, and even though it has been a while since then, he still hates himself when he sees her get hurt.

damphyr Kojami Banri: The two started dating around the Valentines Dance, and he always gets very flustered around her. He's made a promise to himself to protect her. Also while he isn't very good at it, he tries to show his real emotions around her. He often finds himself smiling when with her.

damphyr Mizushima Kanon: A first year in student council, they both tend to help each other out. They're like bros.

damphyr Migikouta Amemi: They are the ghost busters!

damphyr Aisaka Noriko: Only met a few times, but she is a nice person to be around. 

damphyr Fujioka Takashi: Whenever they have a conversation, Takashi's questions always make Rui rethink his life. Which makes him stare at the ground very worried. About how lame he is. 

damphyr Von Sternenhagen Victoria: These two seem to be enemies, or rivals. Victoria tends to want to beat him at everything to gain his 'status' at the school, while he tends to try and avoid/ignore anything to do with her. Now that she is part of the student council however, the meetings usually turn into battlegrounds. 

:damphyr: Ueno Nanami: Used to be his and Yuuta's neighbour when they were very young; although he thought he always scared her because he was always glaring. He secretly thought of her as his little sister. 

:damphyr: Hayashi Sakura: Recently met when she was lost, a new student to the school. When he was younger he saved her from an incident, but as of now he can hardly remember this happening; it's very blurry to him. 

//add more later if he makes any friends or whatevz orz

Feel free to RP with meee ; u ; <3
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stares at the relationships
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FUU-- Rui is becoming more cute... Look at headshot ahhhhh----

Taiyo: Ne~ isn't your hair getting longer Senpai?*hides a bag of sweets behind his back*
pastelkake Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
HAHAHA becoming more socially awkward too LAUGHS-- /slapped

Rui: E-eh? Ah, I guess it is. Maybe I should cut it..
NekoKiyomi Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Oh my XD~~

Taiyo: You look fine, senpai, I find it quite cool~ Here, catch senpai* throws the bag of sweets at him*
pastelkake Featured By Owner Jun 30, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Rui: I-It doesn't, it... *catches the bag of sweets and looks at them sparkly eyed*
NekoKiyomi Featured By Owner Jul 1, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Taiyo:*giggles and then smiles* it's my present for you since I haven't talked to Senpai much lately~
pastelkake Featured By Owner Jul 1, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Rui: *looks at him with sparkly eyes and blushes slightly* O-Oh. T..Thanks
NekoKiyomi Featured By Owner Jul 1, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Taiyo: no problem! How has Rui-Senpai been?* smiles childishly*
pastelkake Featured By Owner Jul 4, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Rui: I-I've been okay.. *scratches his head* What about you?
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