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[ HQK ] kai yoriie by pastelkake [ HQK ] kai yoriie by pastelkake


i wanted to have a go at this--////

Name: 「Kai Yoriie」下位四利伊江
Nicknames: ”Yori”
Gender: Male 
Age: 16
Nationality: Japanese.
Height: 181 cm/ 6'0"
Weight: 62 kg

School and year: 「Kaidou Koukou |Second Year」海道 高校 | 2年生

Position and number: Middle Blocker - ??

 While Yoriie doesn't seem to be that great at jumping, he has a knack for keeping his stamina up for a rather long time. He has basic power and basic technique-- but can be fast if need be. He runs on others' positivity and support than anything else. Depending on the game and sometimes how he's feeling, he can be either a satisfactory player or a major defence system. 

⇨ Yoriie is pretty terrible at jumping, despite his frame and weight. He'll lose balance easily if he tries to jump too high, so he relies on his reflexes and height to help him out in the game. If he feels the objective is useless also, he isn't the best teammate. His technique can be sloppy if there isn't anyone to coach him along the way. 


[ impatient | keeps to himself | appears to be indifferent | modest | courteous | soft-spoken | blunt | slightly ill-tempered | charismatic ]

Yoriie can be rather quiet around people he doesn't know. It's not that he's shy-- he just believes that he doesn't really need to say anything unnecessary. He enjoys making and hanging out with friends immensely. Due to his natural expression of 'bored' and 'indifferent', it's not uncommon for people to think that he can't be bothered with anything, and that he's indifferent to the world. This is untrue-- he can get worked up on almost anything, especially with another's help. He can keep it contained for the most part, however. Even when he is visibly angry, Yoriie is always soft spoken. He's blunt on his opinions and will say it as it is. He's gentle hearted and will go out of his way to help others. Even though he doesn't look it, he's quite an extrovert. He can befriend pretty much anybody. Because of this, he has a somewhat friendly aura and most of the time people won't hesitate to talk to him. He grows on people around him, and they are what fuel him to continue on with whatever he's doing. No support? He'll probably give up. Provoke him, and Yoriie can be extremely scary when he's angry. 


Kai Yoriie was born in Sapporo, Hokkaido, to Kai Megumi and Kai Toru. His parents had been married for 12 years before they had him, and had previously had 2 other children-- an older sister, Aiko (10 years older), and an older brother , Sachiiro (7 years older). Being the baby of the group, he was rather spoilt-- by his parents and siblings. Despite his privileges, this did not make him into a spoilt little brat. Yoriie was a thoughtful child and watched his siblings and how they acted-- and grew up with a mix of their personalities. 

Elementary school began. While many of the kids ran outside whenever they could to play, Yoriie was the one to always be in the shelter with a sketch book in his hand. He had a select few friends-- those usually who were either indoors to talk video games, or indoors because they also preferred to draw. 

On his second year of middle school, his family decided to move closer to where Aiko lived and worked, as she was having problems with seeing them. This came as a bit of a shock to Yoriie-- suddenly he didn't have anyone he knew, despite his family. Regardless of the nerves he had on his first day, everyone was excited to meet the new kid- and Yoriie was rather glad for all the attention. This is what led onto him becoming a bit of an extrovert, to some extent. 

Between the break before he had to begin high school, Yoriie wasn't too sure where to apply. He wanted somewhere where art was supported, instead of constantly being let down by teachers criticizing his chosen hobby above academics. A few days before his application was due in, Sachiiro turned up to visit them from where he himself was now working, and showed him Kaidou High School-- a school in which his older brother had actually transferred to years ago. He told him about how the school specialised on art-- not only that-- but the seemingly amazing story of the school's once high class volleyball athletes. On the condition that he joined the volleyball team on his brothers request, he was able to stay with his brother in his apartment and attend the school....If everything went to plan. 

Having gotten accepted, Yoriie went with his promise and joined the volleyball team. At first, he wasn't sure he'd enjoy it, and was ready to quit if he didn't-- however, he found it unexpectedly fun! He loved how they all had to work together to win, and almost every match made his heart race with adrenaline. He stayed in the team, not only for his brother, but also for himself. Although having gotten accepted also into the art program at the school, ironically, at this present time he's suffering from art block, so he has more of his attention on volleyball. He seems to be naturally athletic, which makes it easier to play.

♦ spicy curry
♦ water painting
♦ sketching
♦ volleyball 
♦ relaxing
♦ snow

✖ loud people 
✖ negativity
✖ bitter foods
✖ hot days
✖ long field trips

Additional Information: 

⊁ wears glasses full time unless he's playing volleyball in which he switches to contacts
⊁ wakes up with almost styled hair; leaves it as it is 
⊁ he hates his name-- he thinks it sounds feminine 
⊁ his grades are reasonably average, he doesn't have the patience to study,,,,,;
⊁ he doesn't smile too often because he's too lazy
⊁ pouts a lot

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